Thursday, September 21, 2006

As Fun as Going to the Dentist

Random thought of the morning: Why is it that analysts and writers seem to all of the sudden forget about those teams that lose one game? Answer: because in recent history the national championship has been decided between two undefeated teams; last year Auburn (13-0) was left out as well. Well, as much as we all love to cuddle with the flawless organizational masterpiece we call the BCS I have a feeling it might actually be as bad as it has ever been this year. With only two or three teams looking at even possibly running the table this year, at the end of the regular season I'm seeing a bigger mess than any of us could have expected. Think about it, here's my preliminary list of teams that could all have one loss at the end of the season (in no particular order)... USC, UCLA, Ohio State, Texas, Texas A&M, Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida State, and any combination of two between LSU, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. This would leave the only undefeated team being Big East champ West Virginia as we decide ONE of the previous mentioned to play them for the 2006 National Championship. Boy is this gonna be a fun one!? See y'all in Tempe.